Quick Dash to Town

I had run out of the extra nice mash (Rowen & Barbary Ready Mash Extra) that I’ve been giving to the ancient Icelandic horses as a treat during this vile weather so, checking it was in stock, Floss and I drove into town to get some more.

After loading up the Eggbox with a treats for all at the local animal feed store, we thought we would nip round Tesco’s to see if they had anything on offer.  There is nothing better than a post-Christmas bargain

Due to the adverse weather, the boats have been sporadic these past few days and the shelves had a few gaps but it actually wasn’t too bad. I was expecting far worse.  Sometimes there is nothing.

The Street, on the other hand, was empty and almost totally closed for business.

There were a few die-hards out but with almost every shop and cafe shut, it was quite bleak.

I tried to see if more sheep were needed, but there was no one at Jamieson’s (opening on the 8th).

Peering through the glass on the shop’s front door, I could make out they have a few sheep, I think, though it’s hard to tell.

So Floss and I, and a friend we met en route in Tesco, had a nice lunch and then made our way home in the now-stalwart Eggbox.  OH held the fort at home all day. I expect he enjoyed the peace.

4 thoughts on “Quick Dash to Town

  1. Alexa Berenbak

    I am so glad you had your family together for the holidays! Truly wish I could visit and shop in your beautiful town. Love the pretty window shopping pictures too. Just makes me want to visit even more. XOXO to your four-legged babies.

  2. Lucy MacArthur

    Domestic bliss (well for Monster at least) after a rather unfruitful foray to town! I see Monster takes precedence over laptops (as per Fankle aka Joey in this household). Sigh …………


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