Weird Family?

This has become our regular walk nowadays.


Everyone goes – Loki is around, out of shot, hoping no one will recognise him.


Poor little Lambert seems to have an eye infection, so we cleaned his eyes with cold tea and popped some Orbenin in to see if that will help.  Failing that, to the vet we will go.


While Lambert is very enthusiastic about participating in everything, Lambie has turned into a fluffy slug.


Lambert was paddling back and forth over the stream that runs through the fields but Lambie went on strike.


So Daisy, being the nice person that she is, went back to pick him up and carry him over.


On the way home, however, Lambie had to sort it out for himself.


And, after a bit of cajoling, he managed.


They are a funny little bunch but, still, they are my family and I love them all.


We were trying to show Lambert and Lambie that there was more land to explore than trying to get into the house all the time.


Lambert loves sucking Daisy’s hair. He doesn’t eat it, just likes the taste.  Most odd.


A quick stop for a photoshoot with Lambie. He does look lovely with the pink campion.  When there are more flowers, I will take some better photos.  I see Lambert with autumn colours.


This afternoon, we left the sheepie-boys in the garden to bask in the sun.  I looked out of the window to find them fast asleep together in my OH’s sheep head graveyard which is gruesome (he collects the skulls on the his dogwalks).  I think it makes us look very dodgy and they may have to accidentally-on-purpose disappear.

Anyway, the main thing is that Lambie and Lambert didn’t care at all.


Yup, my weird family!


7 thoughts on “Weird Family?

  1. Rebecca Final

    wonderful pictures. What a beautiful field to walk through – green, flowers and water. Couldn’t get any better. The lambettes in the skull yard IS a little dodgy, but funny.

  2. Freda

    We all love them and hearing about all “the family”. Please keep all those posts and pics coming , they are so enjoyable. Perhaps not OHs sheep skulls though haha………

  3. Sam

    Not weird just well mannered on walks! Lovely to see the LambDogs out for a trundle. But the decorations in the garden need to disappear.


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