The Most Fun!

This is my idea of the best fun!  Sometimes you just have to race and it is even better if I win!

(and I know you are not supposed to gallop your horse home)

Anywho, it is rare and we are usually very sedate on our rides – passengers, even.

Ok:  Change of topic and a true story.

When we were children, my sister and I were always told to kiss our grandfather goodnight when we were staying there.

To us, he was scary but we dutifully did as we were told.  My mother, later, told me that a friend of her’s used to have to kiss her grandfather goodnight but he was blind.  So instead of bringing herself to be kissed, she would pick up the family Pekinese dog and he would, unknowingly, kiss that goodnight on the top of its head!

This photo reminded me of that scenario.


I spent a lovely few hours at Bergli Stud taking photos of their foals as my computer has just died eating all the previous ones I took.

Here are some of the out-takes that made me smile (my definition of a good photo, by the way).

BN2A0692 BN2A0618

Such a perfect pose, but with all the potential to go horribly wrong!


The little foals were flying about being enchanting.

BN2A0897 BN2A0902 BN2A0898

I could’ve watched them all for hours.  I loved the way they went off in gangs looking for trouble.


The more ponies, the more mischief!


At one stage four foals galloped at me, so I stood my ground and they all swerved at the last minute.


Foal Watching (and photographing) is probably my second best sport.

BN2A0864    BN2A0932


6 thoughts on “The Most Fun!

  1. Nicky

    As a kid I used to lead beach ponies In Fife all day. If there were no paying customers we were allowed to ride them back to their field at the end of the day. We used to belt up the public road flat out, barefoot (us not the ponies) and with no hats. Not advisable, but such fun!


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