Saying Goodbye

We are off south tomorrow on the boat for the IHSGB British Championships & Summer Festival 2015 in West Linton, Tarf, Scotland with Bjørn riding Taktur and Daisy riding Kappi.

So muchos packing, lists and organising to do.

Before we go on tomorrow’s boat, we went to check on the mares and collect the trailer.

Lyra, of course, came racing over to see her best friend.


I just stood there and took a few photos of the Mutual Appreciation Society, lest they never see each other again.


Vitamin and I looked on with disbelief at this ridiculous show of affection.


Very sweet, but really?  We will be back in a week.

BN2A1101 BN2A1104  BN2A1112

A few things to do, including Daisy’s graduation from St Snotter’s to fit in as well.  Did I mention Daisy did good and achieved a 2:1 degree in Biology?  So now her name is Daisy Taylor-Bsc Hons (my clever girl, so proud, sniff).  Cameras at the ready.


I will try and keep you posted but I promise nothing.  OH is left full in charge of Lambie and Lambert, BeAnne and Loki and a field full of Minions and old Fogeys, plus his fan club of chickens.  He will be busy and I hope he spends time bonding with the woolly boys.  I secretly see him playing the guitar outside surrounded by adoring animals gazing up at him (I need more gin).


12 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. Judy

    Congratulations Daisy on a magnificent effort and thankyou Frances for your wonderfully entertaining blog!!

  2. Terri

    I hope you and Daisy are having a wonderful time away, but I sure do miss your daily missive and photos.
    Congrats, Daisy!


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