Weather Or Not

The weather has closed in.  Day after day with no let up.  Yes, the sky has its dramatic moments but everything is falling out of it in intervals like a hail of bullets.


You can usually see it coming so can take appropriate action!  We hide in the car until it is quickly over.  Suddenly everything goes dark grey, the wind gets up and then large amounts of “weather” fall out of the sky.

Having visited everyone at Leradale, fed Delia, kissed noseys, distributed carrots, Floss and I went into town to have our hair done.  Needs must if you are a “natural” blonde!


The Street was just about deserted.  The wind was howling and no one was around.


In the interim of the gusts of horribleness, I managed a few photos.


In Shetland, wherever you are, apparently,  you are never more than 4 miles from the sea.


Floss and I now have beautiful hair!  So you know.

Tomorrow, the forecast is for another gale. It gets very wearisome this time of year but still the chores have to be done.  The winter skies are pretty, though, in a scary drama sort of way,

4 thoughts on “Weather Or Not

  1. Beth Heath

    As I am a “natural” redhead. LOL I think your downtown photos are wonderful, but the stairs without a handrail frightened the liver out of me. I am not graceful.

  2. Louise Stopford

    Love the dramatic photo’s – you sure live in a wild place. Fancy having your hair done on such a stormy day. Each time I have my hair “done” it just so happens to be pouring down with rain and by the time I get home it doesn’t look very good. Also liked the photo’s of the deserted street, in an eerie, peaceful sort of way (if you know what I mean).


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