I Hate Bullies

The daily visit to Leradale is part of everyone’s routine now.

I found the Shetland herd huddling in a little dip staying out of the bitter north wind.

Delia quickly spotted me and left everyone to walk/trot over for her bucket of Golden Paste and conditioning cubes.  The others know the score and understand Delia is not to be disturbed and there will be no sharing under any circumstances.

While I was waiting for Delia to come over, I noticed Albie and Newt were standing a little apart from the herd, which is not their way.

I also noticed signs of a fracas – skid marks.

And then I saw what was causing them.

Vitamin was making it her business to hate the newbies.

I will admit that these past few days, my waters have been churning about Albie and Newt.  Albie seemed fretful and nervous, rushing up to me for comfort and almost treading on me to stay at my side. I brushed it off as settling in time but now I realise Albie and Newt were being bullied.

I gave Delia her feed and the others came over to talk to me and I watched their interactions.  Vitamin definitely had it in for Albie and Newt and would make a point of sending them out of her herd.

This is not what I wanted for Albie and Newt.  They need a family, a herd, friends.  Not constant worry and being loathed.

So I went back home, fetched the horse van, two daughters and armed with head collars, we went and brought the two little boys home.   They were so pleased to see us – they practically put on their own head collars.

Conditions may not be perfect here (more mud, less thick grass), but they have friends.

Taktur was pleased to see them.

The others will be too when they notice.

I hate bullies.







9 thoughts on “I Hate Bullies

  1. Sam

    It is a shame that bullies exist at all. Animal bullies can be very brutal. I feel so bad the Smallest Minions are not allowed to hang with the other Minions. But at least Newt & Albie have good friends in other fields. Poor babies!

  2. Judith Garbutt

    At least they still had each other! Not a nice experience for them. Good that you have the facilities for an alternative setting for them. I’ll pray for a dry winter so the mud doesn’t get any worse!

  3. Cathy

    They just look so pathetic standing there together on their own. I’m so glad they have come home. Hugs will soon make them feel better!

  4. Terri

    How disappointing…but good that you (the ever-watchful Muzzah) noticed. The fourth photo from the top (of Albie and Newt by themselves) was so sad! Who knows why Vitamin took a dislike to them — one of nature’s mysteries — but bullying will not do, under any circumstances. Period.

  5. diane in northern wis

    Well Frances, it’s so good that you are so good at being aware of what is going on with your animals. perhaps someone else wouldn’t have caught what was going on as quickly as you did. Thank goodness they can live in a different location with other friends around them. Too bad there isn’t a way to snap Vitamin out of her nastiness. What a pain for you. So glad that you care so much for every one.

  6. Linda

    Oh Vitamin, what’s your problem?
    It’s comforting to know the boys are back home with the ones who like/love them…


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