I hate weaning. I feel like the meanest person in the world.

It went fairly smoothly, though. First Floss and I went to fetch Brá, bring her home and put her in a stable with Kappi next door to keep her company.

Then we went over to Leradale to feed and distract Sóley and Lilja while we extricated Hetja without anyone realising.  Floss opened the adjoining gate, the Minions flooded in, occupied the girls and I loaded Hetja into the van and we drove away.

Back home and we put Kappi back in his field (thanking him for his help), loaded Brá into the van with Hetja and drove them over to their new field – just across from Thordale. There is not much grass but it will do for the time being.

We thought there would be a huge a reunion between Hetja and Brá – they barely lifted their heads.

So that was that and a few hours I went back to check on the Minions and the Icelandic sisters at Leradale. It was all a bit “us and them”.

This fence these three had managed to cower behind is not actually a real functional fence.

Lilja was looking out for her sister realising she was already missing her Mum.

Albie came over to introduce himself.

Albie got bitten for his efforts but took it well.

I gave him a big hug for trying.

I feel awful for Sóley but she has Lilja to get her through this.

The Minions are keeping well away until the girls settle with them.

So today I am the meanest person in the world.

Waffle was looking particularly gorgeous, though.  Interestingly, he was staying well out of the politics and that is unusual because he and Lilja were the greatest of friends last year.  Perhaps she’s realised he is not actually going to grow taller!

6 thoughts on “Weaning

  1. Sam

    No, the meanest person would have weaned Soley months ago. You let Hetja set the schedule and Soley was pampered for that. Poor Albie trying to be nice to the New Girls and getting bitten! I bet in a week you will have adjusted Minions and Large Minions.

  2. Kerry

    I think all your lovely animal family know how lucky they are and do not think you are the meanest person in the world.
    Your weaning technique is as gentle and supportive as introducing your equines to a bridle and saddle (I refuse to call what you do “breaking in” as its about not breaking the individual’s spirit.) You have had a rotten few days so be as gentle with yourself as you are with your crew
    Sending love and hugs

  3. Judith Garbutt

    It has to be done, Frances. I don’t think you could have found a much kinder way. The sister’s will be fine and, hopefully, in a day or two, new friendships will be made.

  4. Margaret Robinson

    Meanest, but only to a select one. Otherwise, you are the best! Doing what needs to be done doesn’t always (if ever) make you the most popular. It does however, make you the best at what you do, when it’s necessary!

  5. diane in northern wis

    Looks like you did a good job, Frances and Floss. A bit heartbreaking but time will heal poor
    Soley. How is BeAnne doing these days?


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