Going to Wean

I remembered I have some horses and tomorrow we bite the bullet.

We are going to wean Sóley-the-Foalie.

She is a good size and it is very clear that Hetja has had enough of her.

Despite Sóley’s constant protestations, Hetja is not really wanting her daughter to nurse anymore. Usually when she tries, she just walks away.

(that has to be the longest tongue I have ever seen – is that even normal?)

When I mentioned this plan to Hetja, she brightened up at the thought.

And I can’t say I really blame her.  Most mares have their foals removed and weaned at just a few months old but I like the mare to say when she has had enough and Hetja is certainly telling me.

She has had enough.

Anyway, the plan is to collect Brá and put her in the stable with a friend (Kappi), then one person will catch Hetja and the other will open the gates to release the Minions. During the hubbub, we will drive Hetja away before anyone notices.

Sóley will have her sister, Lilja, and a whole new pile of friends while Hetja will have her freedom!

The time has come and that’s the plan.

2 thoughts on “Going to Wean

  1. Sam

    Sounds like a good plan. I wonder how Soley and Newt will get on….And I can hear Hetja’s sigh of relief in New England.

  2. Linda Kirk

    That has to be the most natural way surely, letting Mum decide. A whole new world opening up for Soley!


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