Lambie in da House!

Lambie appeared at the door because he refused to go in the field, like a common sheep, and said he would rather be an Only Child than do what I want.

And then he was bored because there was no one to talk to.

So someone let him in (and yes, OH was away at work and that someone was Flossie who thought it would cheer me up by having a little woollie chap trit-trotting around the house with a Winning Smile.

And she was right!  I felt much happier.

So I reached for the tv remote and put on Classic FM – Lambie’s favourite music radio station.

And the woolly lumpster soon relaxed and nodded off.

He snored his way through Bizet’s L’Arlesienne and some other lovely music.  I particularly remember the Bizet.

And then we all went for our usual walk in the Shetland winter sunshine – I am refusing to call it spring yet.  This was yesterday and guess what, today Lambie trotted into the field with the common sheep because he realised I was not going to budge on this!

BeAnne update:  Nothing good.  Everything bad. This is very difficult for me and my family so if I write utter drivel it is to divert from the utter crap in our lives at the moment.

14 thoughts on “Lambie in da House!

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    How lovely to know that there is your little slice of heaven in a crazy world. Sheep may safely graze- or even listen to the radio.

  2. Sam

    I get the need for a distraction, any one, when our fur babies are not feeling well. So – thanks for the Lambie nap and visit!

  3. Kerry

    Aha the Bizet – glad it hit the spot for Lambie.

    Classic FM or Radio 4 does seem to keep our animal friends calm.

    And great to see Be’Anne trotting out with the walking group. Glad you made the best of the good weather. Love to you all

  4. Cathy

    Does Lambie really snore? I know my horses do but I’ve never had a house sheep. Glad he’s recovered from being barged last week.

    I’m so sorry about Beanne, I hoped no news was good news but I completely understand the utter drivel. She looks happy to be out walking with you so don’t give up hope just yet. Virtual hugs for you all, but especially Her Maj.

  5. Michelle McMillen

    Of course she is not to us what she is to you, but all your followers adore BeAnne and will be utterly devastated when she is gone. I do hope and pray that that time is not soon.

  6. diane in northern wis

    Loved seeing pics of your Lambie snoozing in the house to the beautiful music. On the other hand I’m so sorry you are getting less than good news about BeAnne. I’m praying for that sweet dog of yours.

  7. Shelley

    Drivel on Frances. We’re all here to read good news and the not so good news or no news in particular. Prayers for BeAnne.

  8. Linda Loba

    Thank you for the update – and I think our animals (any animals almost) are such good “distractions” from the difficult things that come along.

    Take comfort where you find it…and prayers for BeAnn.

  9. Katie

    Sending much love to BeAnne and the wonderful family she gathered around her. Lambie, also knew you needed some love.


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