We ride, we train, we work, we eat.

Bjørn was training my daughter’s Icelandic stallion, Taktur, last night in the indoor school.

For a five year old horse, (six, this summer), Taktur is doing very well and we all adore him.


Taktur is our perfect stallion and, while he was in training, I had to bring Iacs in to keep Haakon company.  There are some herd politics going on – Haakon and Kappi are arguing so Haakon now lives separately in the indoor school at night with Iacs and I had to bring Iacs in before it was completely dark outside and everyone started to be either unhelpful or exploit the situation (I told you it was complicated)


BeAnne, on the other hand, likes riding too.  She begged and begged so I threw her up onto Iacs to shut her up.  She quickly settled.


With everyone now happy, we all stood back to watch Taktur train. It is a completely different and educational world to the one I am used to and the Taktur/Bjørn together were awesome.


BeAnne and Iacs together, however were not even faintly awesome but they did watch with interest at the professionals.  You could see Iacs thinking he would never do that and BeAnne agreeing!


And so they went, round and around the indoor school, while we all picked our jaws up from the floor.

BN2A1413  BN2A1450

Meanwhile, Haakon gave his complete attention to a pile of hay.  He was neither interested nor impressed.  That hay was not going to eat itself.  Someone has to do it and Haakon was happy to selflessly volunteer.


And to those that want to whine on about Bjørn not wearing a hat – I reckon Bjørn is old enough to make decisions for himself.  I have told him so don’t bother telling me (I may have had wine as I write this!)

5 thoughts on “We ride, we train, we work, we eat.

  1. Linda

    Taktur really is the quintessential stallion in those photos, Frances…

    And how cute, see BeAnn and Iacs, watching the show together. (If it had been tennis, I could just see their heads going back and forth together)

  2. pat

    Taktur is an absolutely perfect looking horse. There are pretty horses, beautiful horses, and Taktur. His movement is perfection set to music.

    You should think of having posters made, and selling them…young girls (and some of us old ladies) would love to have them to gaze upon and dream about.

    As far as Bjorn not wearing a helmet…if BeAnne doesn’t get one, he doesn’t need one, either. Sometimes we get a little carried away with overprotectiveness. Don’t get me started.

  3. Sam

    Those pictures of Taktur and Bjorn are amazing! Then we flip to the non-movement grouping of BeAnne and Iacs. Ha, Ha! Love their indifference to the ring work. And Bjorn is an adult and highly trained, so his choice to wear or not wear a helmet.


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