Grim Determination

What do you do if you are the smallest and you can’t reach the hay bales that everyone else thinks they are secretly stealing?

(we all know I don’t mind, really)


Why?  You clamber/jump onto a set of benches and help yourself from a far more advantageous angle.


And you get to steal much, much more than everyone else!


Now, this ladies and gentlemen is the face (and hair-do) of grim determination!


Nothing gets in the way of the smallest little boy in the herd.  He means business so you had all better watch out.


Tiddles may be dinky and cute but under all that hair is very tenacious little chap who will do whatever it takes to get his own way.

Woe-betide anyone who under-estimates Tiddles because he really does mean business.


This is Iacs’ version of grim determination.  Behind that door is the feed container.  Iacs can, and has, opened the shed (note the Taktur’s teethmarks where the air-vent used to be).  Now, thanks to Thordale’s Patent Pending Anti-Iacs invention, no one can get into the shed.


Iacs’ chosen method today was to stare at it into submission by using the Power of His Mind.  Can you feel the rays burn you?



7 thoughts on “Grim Determination

  1. Sam

    I love the fact Tiddles has come out of his shell to surpass the Minions in Determination. Obviously Iacs saw Tiddles success, or 40% of it, and thinks the Death Stare will work. Ha!


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