Lovely Sharing

We have in our house a thing called “Lovely Sharing”.  I can hear the echo of my two daughters groan at the thought and yes, they did lovely sharing after a fashion.

Even though the girls are far away at university, “Lovely Sharing” is still encouraged.

Loki has to share his house with Wussums.


Now this is a first – Wu feels he can walk very slowly through the sitting room.  It has only taken 18 months, but, for us (and probably Wu), it is a huge achievement.


Haakon’s hooves alternate between which one is lame every day.  I am hoping we finally have everything sussed now. I have kept him off the wet ground and Iacs offers daily to keep him company and they manage to force themselves to eat hay.


Awww, bless them for trying. Such troopers.


Haakon is so used to being in the shed now, he doesn’t even mind doing “Lovely Sharing” with the hens.


Iacs is really enjoying Haakon’s illness.  He is playing a supportive role with a hopeful Academy Award nomination.


There is even “Lovely Sharing” with The Minions, who are hanging around (they keep asking to come in).


This lot have free access to the silage bale too.


It is a little known fact that the silage bale is bigger than Tiddles.  He has made it his own personal mission to eat his weight and height in silage.  No one is stopping him.


It doesn’t dawn on any Minion to get narky with each other and to not do “Lovely Sharing”.  They think as one and are one when it comes down to food, housing and, well, anything really.  I have never seen four ponies just get on without question or discussion.


Haakon, on the other hand, sometimes forgets about his “Lovely Sharing” ability.  Occasionally he has to be reminded.


3 thoughts on “Lovely Sharing

  1. Terri

    Thank you for your Lovely Sharing this with us. xos
    PS The Minions may get along so well because they remember “there are worse things” out there.

  2. Linda K

    Perhaps their previous bad experience has created a bond between them. And Tiddles is just happy to have found friends and be one of the gang.

  3. Sam

    We called “lovely sharing” “wait until your father gets home” in my house (4 girls).
    Love to see the Silly Frilly. And the Minions are “all for one, one for all”.


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