We have arrived!

You remember how we took Vitamin and Fivla to Lerwick for an afternoon of meet and greet in their Fair Isle sweaters?

Shetland ponies in sweaters go to Lerwick

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Well, a few days later, les girls appeared in the one and only local newspaper – The Shetland Times as a cartoon.  When this happens, you know you have arrived.  It has only taken me 16 years to achieve this accolade.


So I had to buy the original, didn’t I?


And then I thought it wasn’t very fair for me to have the original and for Jo to not have one in her house, so I commissioned the artist, Smirk or Stephen Gordon to draw another one and this time in colour – my thoughts being the sweaters were in colour.


And here is a translation from the Shetland dialect (for those that don’t speak the lingo)…..

“Festivals, you wait for one and three to come along at once, you know”


“It’s all very well being Shetland’s world media stars”


“but they might have given us….”


“Some trousers”


I am so happy.  I love it and I hope Jo will like her’s too.  This is a bribe for all the winter work she is going to have to do while my foot is in plaster.


Smirk is a brilliant artist – if you want to contact him, here are his details.  I can thoroughly recommend – http://www.shetlandartsandcrafts.co.uk/smirkink.html

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  1. Dell Watkins

    Lovely to find a link to your blog on Facebook! I’d lost you somehow and love seeing the ponies again. Dell


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