Floss’ 2nd Riding Lesson

It is my last day in Shetland before I go south again to Glasgow for surgery on my ankle scheduled for Monday.  I was going to ride but Haakon came out of the field with his eyes on stalks and my waters started to churn.  I just didn’t feel I had the strength to ride him while he was on edge.  It was a cop-out, I realise, but when he is like that he doesn’t concentrate and his brain and legs go wobbly.

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So I threw him back into his field and asked Floss if she would like another shot on Bimble, this time.  Bimble is also known as Iacs and is Daisy’s Icelandic horse.  The only one in the whole world who doesn’t tölt or pace.  But he is also the safest horse in the world and that makes him invaluable.


Flossie was very enthusiastic, remembered most of what I had said and even tried a sitting trot.  I love her “concentrating face” and her beaming smile.

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Bimble was brilliant.  He did everything asked and with no scary bits too, bless him.  Floss loved it and wants to do more if she can.  The irony is that I have been waiting 17 years for this day and now I am out of action for ages.  Bum.


As it will be a while before I see any of the horses and ponies and again, I went out into the field to say good-bye.

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Floss and Klængur seemed to have bonded, which is lovely.  I think she is just envious of his hair colour!

BN2A0657 BN2A0663 BN2A0735BN2A0701

Haakon showed Taktur who is boss of the herd.  This confirmed my theory that he was in a funny mood and I am very glad I didn’t ride him.  When my waters churn, I am usually right.


I will miss my darling boys.  I wonder if they would be able to come and visit me?


Obviously, I will have BeAnne, and that is a blessing, but that is all as Loki doesn’t know how to go upstairs and Jack is too old to manage.  Wuss has taken up residence in another part of the house.


So now I hand the Blog back over to Flossie with her very capable writing talents while I am away until Thursday.  Think of me walking in and then being wheelchaired out.  Two general anaesthetics in under a year.  Life is a bugger sometimes.

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