Shetland ponies in sweaters go to Lerwick

Today we were celebrating Fair Isle Festival as guests of Living Lerwick in the town centre with Fivla and Vitamin in their cardigans (courtesy of Visit Scotland). We arrived at 12.30, unloaded and dressed the girls ready for their 13.00 start.

L1090480 L1090862

Lots of meet and greet.  The girls were in their element.

L1090481 L1090485

I had to nip to The Spiders Web to borrow a Fair Isle jersey for Daisy to wear as Fair Isle knitwear was the theme of the day.  We wanted to team with the theme and they kindly lent us a lovely jersey for Daisy.   A huge thank you.


So, once dressed, we went up and down Commercial Street for photographs and it was lovely to see how many folk wanted to meet the ponies, give them a stroke or stop for a chat.

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There were four of us.  Jo and Daisy did the leading while Robert scooped the poop – I just took photos and chatted.  The crowds were great and the ponies took it all in their stride.

L1090509 L1090545 L1090552 L1090571 L1090574L1090575

For many years, we have traipsed up and down Commercial Street doing our shopping.  It seemed very strange to do this with two Shetland ponies but sort of right as well.  This should be encouraged.


The ponies did not bat an eyelid at anything.  Dogs around their back legs, bits of paper flying, folk singing, anything actually.  They behaved without exception immaculately.  I was so proud of them.  There were a number of photo opportunities and we stood outside most shops for their owners to have their photos taken.

L1090592  L1090565

A brilliant day and one, I hope, that will be repeated.  The girls certainly drew a crowd and I hope we brightened up the day for those who were working on a Sunday.


We even did some chugging for MacMillan Charity.  The staff of Boots were being sponsored to sit in a tub of cold water – weird plastic balls full of water and goo. I’ve never seen them before.


We offered to add an organic bath “supplement” but they all screamed so much we had to back off!


A long day but one that was good fun – folk wanting to meet Fivla and Vitamin and they loved all the attention (and the Turkish Delight).

L1090771 L1090793 L1090799 L1090808  L1090815 L1090825

We are all exhausted.  The girls’ behaviour was exemplary.  We couldn’t have wished for better.  Not a flicker at anything.  Just happy to see everyone and to have their photos taken.


We went home at 15.00.  It was a long drive, and a very long day.


We stopped at their field and let them out where everyone rushed up to hear their news.


I suppose it is not every day you get to meet a famous pony in a sweater!




5 thoughts on “Shetland ponies in sweaters go to Lerwick

  1. Karen

    Oh I’m so envious of all the folks that got to meet them today. I kept seeing photos popping up on Facebook and was gnashing my teeth that we missed out by a week!!!! We will be arriving next Saturday. Ho hum such is life. Glad you had a good day, that the weather was kind and that they made you proud 😉

  2. melch

    What exceptional girls! That seems like an awful lot of new and crazy things to be so calm and lovely throughout. Quite a treat for all who got to meet them!


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