Watching Sledging

Before the snow melted, it was beautiful – now we are back to the mud with some added sleet.  Nice (said sarcastically).

Everyone looked clean and floofy.

Newt looked particularly gorgeous.

We had a special chat about his wonderful Newtiness.

And he agreed with me that he was doing his very best.

(When I think of this time last year when Vitamin was being a total biatch and attacking Newt and Albie non-stop, trying to drive them from “her” field, resulting in them coming home when I found them shivering in the middle of the bog.)

I Hate Bullies

Anyway all is calm and peaceful now. They are one happy little herd without an independant thought between them.  After the brief Appreciation of Being Newt Society meeting, they rushed off to watch some children sledging down a hill in the next door field.

The ponies stood transfixed, totally mesmerised and also possibly thinking they would like to have a shot themselves.

Now, feeling totally ignored, I continued with my chilly walk.

I am not complaining. I am pleased all is well with the little ones.  This is what I wanted – exactly how it should be.

4 thoughts on “Watching Sledging

  1. Sam

    What a nice picture of Newt in all his Newtness. I enjoy his tirades and friendly chats.
    It is amazing how far they have all come, thanks you and your determination that they survive and thrive. Well done! Now I need to work on getting across the pond for a visit.


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