Rides Out

We’ve had some gorgeous sunsets recently.  The benefits of winter.  This was yesterday’s looking over to Foula from Watsness.

Today, having done all my chores, I took Haakon out for a ride, avoiding the ice which appeared again overnight.  Haakon is pretty sensible so I put my trust in him and my hands in my pockets because it was very cold.

Daisy came too on Kappi, who has started being ridden again after his holiday.  He is not very fit which suits Haakon fine.  We had a lovely ride.  Very easy going.  I can take photos when I ride Haakon.

The skyline was looking very beautiful.

After that calm ride, Daisy and I saddled up again.  I rode Klængur (pronounced prat).

And Daisy rode Taktur, her stallion who behaved like a dream. We, on the other hoof, spooked, rushed off and in the end I got off and walked home because ice + spooking = potentially me falling off. Never a good ending for anyone when that happens, Haakon will tell you.  Taktur was a donkey, almost fast asleep.

I think I will to do some work with Klængur to get him listening.  He needs to remember that I like bending, stopping and manners not vanishing off into the sunset at a break-neck speed.

Oh well, Monster is very calm.

He loved the BBC Wild Shetland tv programme last night and tried to climb into the television.  Most odd. He has never done that before.


3 thoughts on “Rides Out

  1. diane in northern wis

    Whew….sorry to hear you had such a wild and crazy ride there at the end. At least it all started nicely until you switched mounts. So glad you didn’t go tumbling off! and seeing Monster at the end put a huge smile on my face! He does look peaceful, except for trying to climb into your TV. It’s below zero here for the next two weeks, so I feel warmer looking at your beautiful pictures. Thanks Frances!

  2. Sam

    Lovely contented Monster face. The only time my cats have reacted to the TV was when a piece on Puffins appeared, then they went bonkers trying to find the birds in the house. Good luck with the Riding Manners refresher course.

  3. SusanF

    Thank you for your wonderful photos. I was tickled by the mention of Monster and his interest in TV. I had a couple of brother cats who would watch with interest various programs. I have a photo of Eddie fascinated by a show about crows. None before or since have shown any interest. Nor any dogs wither.


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