Struggling With Photoshop

I am getting my arse into gear for potential Shetland visitors to meet the Minions and the “famous” ladies, Fivla and Vitamin – thems from the ad campaign when they wore those sweaters.

I have finally found a very reasonable insurance company who can offer public liability insurance for anyone who wants to come into the field or stand outwith, which is good news.

I have emailed all the Shetland tour companies with some enthusiastic results (and some ‘interesting’ ones too).  Anyway, I have decided to give it a year and see how we go.

I have to check the ponies daily and it is always lovely to introduce them to interested folk.

I am busy designing a DL sized leaflet to distribute to the tourist office and other places but I may have to actually kill someone now as I am fighting with f&*$-ing Photoshop Elephants due to the fact I never use it unless I have to so have forgotten how it works, even the basics.

Can I extend a background at the bottom or the top?  Can I?  Can I?  Can I hell……
Can I get the wording in a visible colour?  Can I?  Can I? Again, Can I hell……

I am becoming, or have become, hysterical and am beginning to hate the whole wretched idea.  I am now listening to Mahler.  Nuff said.

(if anyone has any expertise with Photoshop or similar and can help me, please let me know.  I will forever be in your debt and will happy send you a pony of your choice in the post by return in exchange).

Also, if you can think of better wording, please say.  I am losing the will to live over this.

(the reverse – which I like)

Also, will I be sued by Universal for using the word ‘Minion’?

Fer cryin’ out loud!  How difficult can it all be.




21 thoughts on “Struggling With Photoshop

  1. Carla

    It’s all easily done, but photoshop is not the best tool for layout and text manipulation. I’d suggest importing the image into whatever layout software you might have. That will give you much more control over everything.

    And if it’s all too confusing and causing you to contemplate rash acts of computer related violence, send me the original photo, and I will do it for you and email back a pdf for the printer.

  2. Amanda Gray

    Bàrry is pretty Photoshop savvy. Will ask him when he’s not being unsociable watching his foreign crime drama….

  3. Chris Neef

    I think what you did looks fine. Don’t stress. Life’s too short to wear tight shoes. As far as Minions are concerned, I am not a lawyer but I wouldn’t stress about that either.

  4. Sam

    I hope you do not get hassled for using the well known word of Minion – as long as you do not color your ponies bright yellow. Then all bets are off. Love the back cover!!!!!

  5. Celeste Nossiter

    This is good news! Add this contact to your list, she arranged the knitting trip I was on with Janine Bajus and Amy Detjen: Jean Wynne at Celtic Journey, and use my name. Computer stuff frustrates me in a hurry too and today my iPod won’t play music. Something stupid I’m missing I’m sure. Anyway your draft of a flyer looks really good to me. You’ll figure it out – after a good minion break!

  6. Kerry

    Ah brilliant – well done for finding a sympathetic and sensible insurer.

    Flyer looks pretty good. Don’t fret too much over use of the Minions name – don’t dress them in yellow and blue onsies. I suspect if they are clearly Shetland ponies and not being passed off as yellow cartoon characters, Universal are unlikely to be upset. If they are then they will send you a cease amd desist letter and you can reconsider options then.

    So looking forward to having a regular comflab with these guys x

  7. Robyn

    I am so delighted that your vision for Minion visits will soon be a reality. I am technologically challenged but the flyer looks excellent to me. The photos on the reverse side are lovely. Take time out to go and get some nosey kisses then return less stressed to your project. Isn’t it great that you have so many friends cheering you on?

  8. Terri

    This is great news! As a person who has struggled with the same computer software problem (and run screaming into the woods), I am no help whatsoever. I’m glad other readers have kindly offered assistance.
    I like your leaflet, but I have trouble reading the bottom part of page 1 (the letters don’t have enough contrast against the background, to me). I hope you don’t have any problems using ‘The Minions’. A church I once attended received a Cease-and-Desist order from whoever owns the rights to “The Sound of Music” score — because the church used the tune from “Edelweiss” as their closing song (with totally different words). A sausage company in Oregon was forced to change their name (from Olympic Provisions to Olympia Provisions) when the Olympics Committee sent them a C-a-D order. A futures research company in California (where I worked) received a C-a-D order because its acronym was the same as a perfume company in Europe. **sigh**
    Despite current or potential problems, I hope you forge ahead, because it is a great idea! (Even if you had to drop “The Minions”, they are still the same wonderful, lovable Shetland ponies!)

  9. annie vanderven

    How adorable they look in their winter finery…Could only imagine the struggle of putting them on, probably like trying to put on a snowsuit on a recalcitrant child…
    Dont worry about libel “minions” was used far before these modern times.

  10. May

    The word “minion” comes from Middle French, according to the dictionary. It predates both Universal and copyright laws.

    A busy background makes reading a challenge for many people. You may want to select (“eye dropper”) the palest sky color for behind the top text and select a dark grass color for a solid area behind the text, set below the adorable pony. And (sigh) to keep the insurance guys happy, emphasize the “visiting by prior arrangement only” part.

    The photos, of course, are perfect!

  11. Troy Palmer

    Frances, I so enjoy seeing all your fur babies and your stories. If you don’t get the Photoshop help you need please reach out to me at . Regarding “Minions”, I am not a lawyer, but have 30+ years in the entertainment industry-so this is advice, but not “legal advice” (there, covered my you-know-what). Universal probably has trademarked “Minions” with a capital “M”. Whether or not they pursue you probably depends upon whether or not someone on their staff notices your use (they have folks who this is their job). Your other commenters are probably correct, they’ll send you a C&D letter. If you use “minions” (small “m”), I don’t think they can bother you as this is a “regular use” of a “standard word”.

  12. Kris

    Universal has trademarked the name “Minion” for use in many areas, but there are also many other businesses that have “minion” in their name and they own their trademarks as well.

    This link will give you an idea of how many uses of that word already exist and for what purposes. Note that I did not see any use related to horses so that may help.
    Oddly, there is a company called “Loki’s Minions”. Now that’s an odd coincidence.

    I doubt you will run into trouble as long as you aren’t trying to make a big commercial enterprise out of your visitations. Should you actually charge or create t-shirts, hats, etc. with the name, then you might have difficulty unless you create a new combo name and trademark it yourself… like “Minion magic” or “Miracle Minions”, ‘Mazing Minions, etc. Actually, that might be a good venture for you if you feel up to it.

    Will you have any problems using the “Shetland Ponies in Sweaters” or do you have the rights to that?

    1. Frances Post author

      No one, to my knowledge, has the rights to “Shetland Ponies in Sweaters”. Maybe Visit Scotland but certainly not us. What a minefield and thank you for your help, Kris. Lots to think about.


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