Visiting the Minions

These days I don’t get out much as I can’t drive so friends have to come and see me.

When they arrive, I give them a choice – go for a walk with a variety of sheeple/dogs/ponies or we drive over for a Minion mugging.

Today this friend chose a Minion mugging.

Well you would, wouldn’t you? Newt’s little face is enchanting.

I introduced my friend to everyone, or rather the Minions introduced themselves.


I haven’t been over for a while.  My daughters have been checking daily on this herd for me as well as rigorously de-ragworting the field. I ❤️ Daisy and Flossie.  They are truly wonderful and at the moment I couldn’t do any of this without them.

So I was amazed to see the change in Lilja.

There has been a very sudden transformation.

She is growing up quickly, turning into a beautiful lady with lovely conformation and temperament.

Being with this herd is very good for Lilja.  She is very settled.

The famous ladies are looking good.

Waffle came over with his lunch (as if he needs anything).

Handsome boy, though.

Then my friend went to get some apples that she had brought especially for the boys.  The little faces were greedily hopeful and begging.

It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon – introducing my Minions to my friends.

Everyone is always welcome.  I love going to see them.

4 thoughts on “Visiting the Minions

  1. Sam

    Who wouldn’t want a Minion Mugging? Nice to see the herd happy and round. Your daughters are amazing but then that is how you raised them.

  2. diane in northern wis

    I love all the pics Frances and especially the ones of Lilja! Wow….she is beautiful. How is the dragon boy comparing these days? What a nice outing for your friend too! Thank God for Daisy and Flossie….they are amazing helpers! So glad they’re around!!!

  3. Louise Stopford

    The minute I saw the photo of Lilya with the Minions I instantly thought how beautiful and grown up she looks. She is going to make a really lovely horse. Your friend must of had a wonderful afternoon – they are all so adorable. You have a good family who are obviously looking after you and everyone else there. Hope you’re feeling better.


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