There’s Been a Murder!

I was on my usual walk when I spied some signs saying they were filming the tv series “Shetland” in my area.

So I thought I would walk on and see where they were filming.

There were lorries and lighting equipment surrounding an empty large house at Watsness about 2 miles down the road from where we live.

Watsness is a fabulous location.  There is a beautiful view over the Shetland coastline to the island of Foula that lies 20 miles to the west in the Atlantic Ocean.

(I took this beautiful photo on one of my many walks, but not today)

But it looked like this today.

I turned around and walked home meeting my neighbour.  We both said to each other “There’s been a murder” in our best TV-Scottish accents and laughed.  According to the TV series “Shetland”, we live in a hotbed of murder and mystery.  Real life seems sadly disappointing.

Later Daisy drove us to our vegetable packing job and en route, I mentioned I wanted to go to Watsness with my better camera to take some photos for the blog.  The sea fog – haar – was coming and going.  I expect that will play havoc with continuity.

I guess we will now have to watch “Shetland” to see where we live on the telly!

17 thoughts on “There’s Been a Murder!

  1. M in NC

    Yeah for the TV show 🙂 and the pretty pictures too.
    Living in the States and with over-the-air broadcast, I will have to wait for PBS (Public Broadcasting) and Masterpiece Mystery to see ‘where you live’. I did wonder if you ever ran into any of the filming. Not a lot of extra roads to take detours.

    Hope you are feeling better.
    M in NC

    1. Lucy

      Me too – i know there are many many flaws but i hold my hand up to enjoying it and Shetland has had less TV murders than poor old Midsomer.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Lovely photos and that’s one of our favorite shows (though sometimes newer series are slightly delayed because PBS has to pay for them and it’s expensive apparently). That is a wonderful house in such a great location!

  3. peter mehlin

    I watched the first two series and enjoyed them. I wondered how close they were to you. I will watch with even more interest now and hope to see at least one Minion.

  4. Louise Stopford

    I have already watched the first series (I wonder if they are filming for a second series?). The name of the programme drew me to it initially “Shetland”, but I must say I really enjoyed it. It was a very good drama. Your photo’s, as ever, are remarkable. You should have gone over to talk to the film crew – you could have been an extra and we could all see you on T.V. Would be interested to know if you find out anymore info on this. Can’t really see how they could do a second series as it finished quite abruptly and dramatically.

  5. Terry Golson

    I watch Shetland here in the States, and every episode I complain to my husband that there aren’t any ponies in the show. Surely the plots would improve with ponies.

  6. May

    I love to watch the show here in the States. The scenery is gorgeous, as is the music. But the best part is it’s far more suspenseful than a U.S. murder mystery as half the time I have no idea what the characters have said. We miss clues right and left when watching and then just give up and invent our own dialog.

    Also, having grown up in the proverbial “quaint New England fishing village” it’s hilarious how much death and mayhem Shetland can produce when it’s way further afield than our sleepy little village. What, like Freddy Krueger and all his cousin are Shetlanders? 😉

  7. Mary C. McNamara

    We can get Shetland on the TV in Netflix. You have to pay for seasons 1-3 BUT we got season 4 with 6 episodes free. I can see how this will become addicting. I feel like I am seeing your country. My hubby says the sheep in the far away fields are just cut outs and not real because they never seem to move ;-). I agree with others comments we need some equines and some sheeples. Maybe the sheeples can get some air time and get some $ in their “college fund”.
    Let us know when your area shows up.
    Thanks for getting me hooked on this (I think)

  8. Judi

    You’ll have to take/sneak some (telephoto) shots of the filming for us Frances. We love ‘Shetland’, I have just bought Series 3 to re-watch, so guess this is Series 4 they are shooting, such good news!! Would be lovely if the Minions got their noses in, but of course the actors don’t want to be upstaged by the local natural talent.

  9. Terri

    I too enjoy “Shetland” — even the reruns. But it seems so different (i.e., dark/moody) from Your Shetland. Needs ponies, sheeples, dogs, cats, and birds, methinks. Not to mention yarn.


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