Tor’s Magic

Do you remember Tor, the little Shetland mare who we borrowed for 9 months in 2016?  She adopted Albie while nursing her son, Camus.

We saw her yesterday when we were visiting Bergli Stud with her new foal, Brus (pronounced Bruce).

Brus is wonderful.

He is a huge character with wow, pizzaz and hutzpah.

I was taking photos of him for the Stud’s website and Brus was not going to co-operate.

Oh no, Brus was going to wave his legs around like the little stallion he wants to be.

So Bjørn swiftly gave up and took off his headcollar so he could run around.


And boy, could Brus move. He trotted about the field dancing.  We all just stood there and laughed and then said wow!  He was such a happy confident little lad.

And he has the beginnings of a silly-frilly or silly-spikey, depending on your angle.

This tiny little pony (and believe me, he is small) has a huge amount of look-at-me and a wow trot.  He floats effortlessly.


Brus is enchanting.  There is something about him that is very special.


But he is still a Mummy’s boy.  He luffs his wonderful Mum, Tor.

I can never thank her enough for all she did for our Albie.  Without Tor, Albie would not be the happy little chappie he is.

7 thoughts on “Tor’s Magic

  1. Sam

    Tor is a wonderful example of a great horse. Love Brus’s pictures. He is quite grand for such a wee chap.
    Thanks for these trips down memory lane. Delightful!

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Stop taking all these “Ahhhhhhhh…………” photos or I’ll never learn to type full sentences. Okay, what does the name “Brus” mean and is it Norwegian, Scottish, or……???? He’s marvelous!!!!!

  3. Kerry

    Well that sure melted the hearts of this household. What a great wee character Brus is – and that must be diwn to his mother

  4. Terri

    Tor is a beautiful, nuturing mare, and Brus is adorable! Thanks for this post. How wonderful to have Bergli Stud nearby!


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