Very Dreich

Today has been a “dreich day”.  I have been soaked twice and the kitchen has coats and over-trousers hanging everywhere.  Depressing, much.

The troops had been rallied (wonderful neighbours with a horse-van like mine) to help me move the Minions over to Leradale but in the end, I postponed them until tomorrow as it was chucking it down this morning and I knew we would be soaked and miserable.

But, still, the Minions had to be checked so I drove the van over (to recharge the failing battery  that we had jump-started) and walked up the hill to see them.

Everyone was very soggy but the carrots I had were welcome.

And I felt sorry for my Minions – a little – but lose the weight, please.  You are all very fat.

The ducky-wuckies are now a close groups of six – the other 10 have a lovely home up north on another island so they can’t fly home!  Six is a good number of ducks I can live with.  They wander around all together – that’s what I wanted.

When I came home, Maggie spied me and today she has become the ginger-nut sheep who sees everything!

And where Maggie goes, a Harrel follows!

Ginger biccies? But of course!  I am glad someone is happy.


2 thoughts on “Very Dreich

  1. Sam

    Damp and dreary is November in New England…I can wait for it to appear. But those oh-so eager faces for ginger biccies crack me up! And for the “fat” of the Minions, – don’t they need that for winter? Or did they over-do the weight gain?

    The universe was talking about the Stay-Puff Man – given our memories yesterday.

  2. Sumiko

    I am facing a dreary day in Illinois. Chockful of dark gray skies and thunder. But sadly, not yet cool.

    I love the many colored Shetland Sheep & Maggie & Harrel are such a nice addition.


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