Filming Shetland

I had to leave my little Pepper-pot busy eating my wellies and the socks that live in them.  I mean how could I be cross with that face?  She is so sweet with more than a hint of wicked.  She’s currently taken to finding a shoe (preferably a slipper) and running through the house with it in her mouth, taking it to the garden!

I had to pop to town for various things – a car check at the garage as I’ve got to drive south on Monday (will say more another time), to get my hair cut so I look clean and tidy for this drive south, a food shop and lastly to top up my sheeple field (note-to-self, they need more white ones – now on my To Do List).

It was a lovely morning, really beautiful but as usual, the street looked deserted.  Wool Week has been and gone and the cruise ships seem to have stopped now, though there might be one or two late ones at the end of the season.

But as I went further down the street, I found out where everyone was – they were busy filming “Shetland”, the tv programme that has put Shetland on the map.

I asked if it was ok if I walked through, otherwise I would’ve had to go the long way round (up and down a few side streets), and was told it was fine.  I didn’t see anyone of interest – just lots of film people standing around looking important.  I shuffled on and got on with my messages.

5 thoughts on “Filming Shetland

  1. Sam

    Good thing Pepper is so cute while chomping on shoes. As for putting Shetland on the map, yes this show has enthralled me to want to visit but YOUR blog came first as a hint of the beauty of Shetland. While I work as a Costume Designer in theater, I am fascinated at how each of filming is like a mini-show unto it’s self. My mom was in NYC when the first “Ghostbuster” was filming. She saw a teach friend and got really up close to all the action. I think it was the Stay-Puff marshmellow man scene.

    1. Frances Post author

      Wow. We were just talking about Mr Stay-Puff a few days ago. We said wearing our survival suits was akin to looking like Mr Stay-Puff!

  2. Shelley

    Are you sure you didn’t see anyone of interest? That looks like Himself in that pea-coat with his back to us.


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