Getting Ready To Go

These two are getting along very well these days.

If Monster says it is good, Pepper believes him.  Although not a huge fan of eating, Pepper is Monster’s No 1 Fan (with capital letters and everything!).  Without Monster, I doubt Pepper would eat, ever.

I am beginning to pack up the car for my trip south and I found Monster sat on the top like the blues and two’s going Mee-Meow, Mee-Meow (see what I did there, geddit?)!

The car goes on tomorrow’s freight boat (there is no room ever again).

And I travel, as a foot passenger, with a cabin (the first in two weeks) on Sunday night’s boat. On Monday I drive to Cumbria for the night and then Tuesday, I drive onwards, ever onwards,  south.

So today we moved the MInions over to Leradale which is much closer and far more convenient when it comes to checking them.

Ok, it is two months’ early but we can always put them somewhere else once I am home.

And they are all very fat and need to lose weight quickly. Leradale, once they have eaten the grass down, will do this very well.

Worried about everything? Yup but I have to let go and concentrate on getting south.

3 thoughts on “Getting Ready To Go

  1. Sam

    Safe travels! You have set everyone up the best you can and the family knows what to do. Love Monster’s bum on the car roof! And good thing Pepper is his #1 fan.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    I find organising to be away for even a night with just one dog is hard work – can’t imagine what it must be like for you, even with well trained daughter and OH! I hope the trip south will not be too gruelling.


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