Van Home

I took these photos today, clutching an empty bucket that had previously contained many carrots, fending off Storm who was trying to “help” whilst trying not to slide down a muddy hill.  It was not an easy feat.

Vitamin – every the poseur even at the grand age of 28!  She is beautiful.

Two miles down the road, at home, we have a smattering of snow – this photo was first thing when I was feeding Taktur his bucket.

Snow is better than the relentless wind and rain.

And in good news, I got my van back.  Huzzah!

This wonderful garage worked hard so my little horsevan would be ready for today and I can’t thank them enough.  Afterwards, I gave it a test run and popped into town and filled it with hay.

Now I feel much more relaxed having my van home.

Happier days.


5 thoughts on “Van Home

  1. Sam

    Hurray the Van is home! Got to cherish our mechanics – sister has a 26 yr Honda that runs thanks to ours.
    That is quite a line up in front of the fire you have.

  2. Louise Helen Whyte

    you really need to open up the hearth and have a double size wood burner so that everyone gets a full blast of heat. It looks very unequal at the moment……

  3. Judith Garbutt

    I love the way the dogs and Monster look so peaceful in their own spaces! Hope your weather stays settled for a few days. I hate the wind, too, particularly if there’s rain or snow about as well.

  4. diane in northern wis

    So glad your van made it back home! Love all the pictures today….especially those three crazies in their little beds!


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