Still Weather

Yesterday Floss came with me to see the Minions and brought a huge bucket of carrots which were duly distributed.  OH had come back from Lerwick with a large sack of carrots.  The Minions have made it their mission to eat the lot.

Fivla has also started her winter TurmerAid.  She is happy enough to eat it out of a dog bowl and looks out for me now.

I just keep a bucket of TurmerAid in my car – it is much easier (note-to-self, when the wind stops blowing, I will clean my car).

The wind went up a notch today and it has been very “curate’s egg“.  Blue sky one minute and then violent hail storms.  The hail hurts.

This is a blue sky moment this morning after the carrots.   Newt was busy cleaning up, not that there is anything to clean.

The daily bucket of carrots have made me very popular!

5 thoughts on “Still Weather

  1. diane in northern wis

    Well you are certainly the lovely ladies with those buckets of carrots. Everybody looks good, even with the lousy weather you keep having. Nice to see a glimpse of blue sky up there!


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