Your Daily Dose of Handsomeness

Here he is.  Every morning I stand guard for Taktur against marauders (*** cough *** Dreki got telled for his efforts)

And he’s very appreciative while he chomps his brekkie bucket.  He even politely asks me to do a sweep around with my hand (we call it “a scrushle”) to get the last bits before he wander off.

My reward is a good sunrise, weather permitting.  Today was pretty.

And of course I get to see his Handsomeness, if slightly damp, for ages. He eats very slowly.  Chewing and thinking about every mouthful.

The others are duly resentful so I ignore that.  They have hay.  Get on with it.

Meanwhile, in a field across the hill, everyone else is getting on well through this winter – Iacs and Klaengur ran over to their hay.  Lovely to see.

The old men are doing very well.  Fat, happy and very hairy.

Winter seems very long.

2 thoughts on “Your Daily Dose of Handsomeness

  1. Sam

    Such Handsomeness should be allowed to fully savour his food, in spite of a young boy’s disagreement.
    Thank you for such lovely pictures. And yes, winter is very, very, very long this year…


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