Ummmm ….. Hats

Today seemed the right day to try on The Minions’ very special bespoke hats.


What can I say?  They looked fab and wore them very well.  Some horses suit hats and some don’t.  The Minions do, definitely.


We tried a variety of styles with Daisy favouring the jaunty angle for her boy.


Personally, I favoured the entire ear cover for mine.


Waffle and Storm were very happy to wear their wonderful hats.


And if you are thinking we are cruel, mean and horrid – these ponies did not mind one bit and were happy to continue playing and eating without a care in their world.


Shetland ponies will always let you know if they hate what you are doing.


Silver was less keen so, rather than force the issue, Daisy wore his hat for him.


She waited for him to come and talk to her, which he duly did.


He did not feel like wearing his, which was fine.  No pressure.  No pressure at all.


Secretly I think everyone was rather jealous and hankered for their own personalised hats.


So, here are a few pictures from today’s hat wearing adventure.

Enjoy x

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8 thoughts on “Ummmm ….. Hats

  1. Linda K

    Lovely photos. Storm isn’t happy Waffle is trying to eat his. Silver is telling Daisy “suits you better…”

    The boys are looking georgeous.

  2. Nadja

    So much I’ve been enjoying your pictures and stories, I cannot wrap my mind around why you would want to put hats on them in the first place. They already look fabulous without them.

    1. Frances Post author

      and they looked fabulous with them! It was just a piece of fun. Lasted probably a few minutes. No longer.


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