Jo’s Tweetie Pie!

Last week Jo went south to collect her tweetie pie, Freja, a Harris Hawk.  She was born in April (I think).


I have been dying to see her (Freja, not Jo) but we have been well-behaved and waited until we were officially asked as Jo and Freja have to become accustomed to each other.  So, today, when I popped round with some visitors to meet the ponies, afterwards she offered to show Freja to me.

Holy crap on a cracker.  What a bird.  I was in awe and just sat on the ground clicking away with my camera for ages learning about a new animal with my breath blown away.

BN2A9568  BN2A9573 BN2A9584 BN2A9638 BN2A9669BN2A9644

Look at Freja’s talons – they are incredible….


… and the back ones mean business too.  Scary stuff.


Her feather are beautiful.  Totally hypnotic and laid out perfectly.  Nature is an incredible designer.

BN2A9691  BN2A9707

She even has a bell placed carefully above her tail feathers and between her wings.


They eyes – the hypnotic eyes are watching everything.  So prehistoric.


Jo is already working hard at this all-important stage to develop a relationship with Freya.  It was an education watching them together.  This sport is something I know absolutely nothing about.


Anyway, for those who have forgotten what a Shetland pony looks like, here is one I saw today.  She followed me round all afternoon, while I was taking some photos for a friend.


Personally, I think I prefer ponies to birds but that is just me.  It is all that flapping – I’m not good with that but I am enjoying taking photos (I secretly can’t wait until she starts working).


4 thoughts on “Jo’s Tweetie Pie!

  1. Linda

    Freya is absolutely stunning (good name!) – but I don’t want to kiss her nose the way I want to kiss a pony’s nose.

  2. Deb Twomey

    please excuse my ignorance..but what does one do with a Harris Hawk? It looks like it could eat the Minions for breakfast

  3. Sam

    This is seriously awesome bird! One can toss out a lure and the bird will bring it back. That is the polite version of hawking.


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