There and Back Again

Today was a momentous day for Klængur and me.

These past few months, I have spent many hours retraining him from scratch.  I started him again as if he knew nothing and could forget everything.

Today was our first time out in the scattald (open hill) and it was trust issue for both him and me.


The more I ride Klængur, the more I get to know his funny little ways.  Today he suffered from both Haakon’s and Iacs’ diseases.

Haakon always, if allowed, will go and stand in any gateway and look wistfully into the distance – for what, I am not sure.  Klængur went and stood in two gateways.  Huh?


Iacs’ disease is far worse.  He likes to gently turn around in a circle and take his rider home when no one is taking any notice, i.e. we are chatting and wandering along on a loose rein.  So, with Klængur we were tacking gently across the road.  As my neighbour would say, when he watched me ride Iacs out many years ago “never a straight line”.   It didn’t matter – I just kept Klængur going forward and ignored his little ideas.



Klængur was wonderful to ride.  Cars can now go past him without a flicker and he is relaxed almost all of the time.  Today, for the first time, I took him into the scattald – the open hill.  I would not go on a nervous horse as you have to trust each other without question especially if they are new to this kind of ground.


Klængur listened to me.  He went where I said to go and let me tell him where the safe path was.


He did his very best and I was so proud of him.


Finally, it has come together.  We are a team and my little orange horse is very special.


7 thoughts on “There and Back Again

  1. Kelly

    I just love my daily visits to your blog and appreciate the time it must take to keep up with it. I think my favorite part of reading here is that I can always hear in your “voice” that you have such a love for your animals. All of them. In a world where I can hardly stand to see what we humans are doing to each other and to innocent animals, I so enjoy the care you take with yours. You are patient and loving and you know and respect their different personalities. Thanks so much for sharing them with all of us!

  2. Wendy from NY

    Love your blog, am amazed that people live way out there, ( I looked on GoogleEarth)! What a wild and open land! I am wondering, however, why IS the land so uneven, with little cuts and giant drop-offs right out in the middle of nowhere?

    I love your pictures, especially of the ponies and like Kelly said up above, I can also hear your love of the ponies in your text.


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