Lambie Plus Missy Equals War

Is there such a thing as too many photos of Lambie?

I think not.

Please note The Winning Smile.  Be still my beating heart.

Lambie’s “Monarch of the Glen” moment.

Or, as Daisy put it, his “Pillock of the Glen”.  She knows nothing.

Lambie has obviously had a slight altercation with the red container – aka our feed shed.

I am sure it came off worse.

He can be ruthless when he is in a mood.

Possibly my favourite photo of Lambie today.

And a surprising “Elvis” impersonation or was he channelling his inner Game of Thrones?

Sadly, today was slightly marred by Lambie’s utter loathing of Missy who was following me around like a devoted slave.

This was not to be tolerated.

Lambie hates Missy and says things like “There is only one little lamb in your life, Muzzah. Never forget” before he biffs his Nemesis down the hill.

Luckily Missy seems to be fairly indestructable and enjoys laughing in the face of danger.

I was telling Lambie off while he made this face.  Bullying is not permitted. He knows that.

And then ‘Ster arrived for the photo session.

My album cover.

Poor Lambie. He was unimpressed after all, there is only one Lambie.  He keeps telling me this.



6 thoughts on “Lambie Plus Missy Equals War

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    They are just sooo sweet! I’m laughing as I look at the photos. Awww. Such a welcome relief from a crazy world.

  2. Sam

    There can never be too many Lambie photos. But Muzzah has a big heart that allows a Special Boy and a Special Girl lamb in it. Not in the same place, but still loved. His eyes are rather green right now.

  3. linda kirk

    Lovely photos. Poor Lambie – his tough start in life (until he came to you, obviously) has resulted in a sheep with issues. But he’s such a gorgeous boy, you could forgive him anything. I’m glad Missy isn’t intimidated!

    I like the last photo of a buffalo shaped Lambie.

    1. Frances Post author

      Lambie’s tough start was one hour in the dark and rain having been born. Ok, he lost his mother and his twin sister (not that he cared much for them) but since then he has had nothing but luxury, nursing (for joint-ill) and love. For one who has had the world, he is the stroppiest sheep ever. Spoilt some might say. A Muzzah knows.

      Someone like Edna, on the other cloven hoof, who has seen “life”, is the most grateful kindest, loving sheep ever.

  4. diane in northern wis

    Oh my …. if they could all just get along. Maybe Lambie will get used to Missy in time. You could hope for that!


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