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We like to rotate our fields all year round and so recently the Icelandic boys have all been moved.  They are still (and probably always will be) split up as Taktur refuses to play nicely with Haakon.  So now we have the youngsters on one side (left) and the Old Men on the other.

Kappi lives with the youngsters too.  Taktur doesn’t seem to bother him.  He gives him “The Look” and Taktur takes his urges elsewhere.

Kappi also doesn’t mind the young ones and their idiot pranks.

Klængur, although not very aged, is with the Old Men. He was never a huge one for playing and appreciates the peace and quiet that comes with age.

Haakon is very, very old.  He has seen it all and is not very impressed these days.

And Iacs thinks he as young lad, but is actually only year younger than Haakon – they are cousins.   You can probably tell.

I fed Haakon his daily TurmerAid (you have no idea the difference in him) and did a spot of ragworting – I just can’t walk past the wretched vile plant and do nothing.  I use the old boxes for everything including a single dose for Haakon. It is just the right size for one horse.  Having thrown the now-empty box down in the field and, while I was pulling weeds, I saw out of the corner of my eye that Iacs was playing.  He was very pleased with himself especially when he managed to pick the box up!  Silly-frilly-Billy.

If you do want to buy TurmerAid, please use the code “Lambie10” and it will get you 10% off.

‘Ster says hello by the way!

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  1. Sam

    So good of you to provide Box Entertainment in the field. As for Iacs, there is always one in the group who thinks they are young and silly. And thank you for the Ster photo. He is looking well kept.


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