My Wee Flock

I have a wee flock of sheep.  Sometimes they almost like each other.  The arguments have stopped.

(I also like having my ducks in a row too, so you know)

Anyway back to the sheep.  I was feeling kind today and I let them out of their field early as there is a storm on its way.  Lots of wind. Lots of rain.  The sheep are free spirits and hate the confinements of a terrible field (green grass, fresh water – how they suffer) and this is the one field they can’t escape from.  Around the house are their two sheds – one for girls, one for boys. They arrange themselves.

Lambie waited by the gate trying to catch my eye every time I went past.  I was tidying up the croft, putting stuff away so it wouldn’t be caught in the wind.

Once I had finished my chores, I shouted and they all, to a sheep, came out.

(so very handsome)

A little known fact, sheep yawn!

Missy is a big girl now and her sister, Madge, is huge too.  She has also done some growing and is larger than her mum, Edna.  I might almost say fat.

From the front – Edna, Missy and Madge (chunking along).

Missy is still very tame and if I shout “Lambie”, she replies and Lambie gives her the evils.

Missy is still nursing from Edna which looks a bit uncomfortable.

And this is the face of a sheep who wishes her daughter was weaned.  Poor Edna.  She looks very bored of this but she’s keeping the weight on and Missy will hopefully wean herself.  One day.

So that’s my happy wee flock.  Let’s hope the storm isn’t a bad one.



2 thoughts on “My Wee Flock

  1. Sam

    Love how Lambie is flying down the drive to get to Muzzah first! When I think about the condition all these Sheeple were in before you got them… well you are an amazing loving person. Good luck with the storm.

  2. linda kirk

    Poor Edna indeed! That’s a very long suffering expression.

    Batten down the hatches and stay safe. I can jut imagine the sheep being tucked up in their sheds tonight, nice and cosy.


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