Travelling Today

We went to Ronas Voe today to do some messages.

Wow!  What a place.  So different to the westside in every way.    This is Ronas Hill sits on one side of the voe.  OH has climbed once or twice.  Not a place to be taken lightly and folk have been rescued off the side of it by both Coastguard and Lifeboat.  The weather can turn very ugly very quickly.


The rock is red granite and the sea bed is red sand, I think.  The water, even on a disgusting wet day like today, was clear and blue.


OH and I were totally entranced with this incredible land and seascape.  I loathe the most over-used word in the English language – “awesome” but this place was just that.


As you can imagine, I took a shedload of photos, even in the rain.  Come the summer, I will be there properly with my camera and tripod trying to do justice to this place.  Apparently the summer sunset lights up the red rock making it appear on fire.  Oooooh!

BN2A4687 BN2A4686

There is an old herring station on one side which stood derelict on the shore.

L1050321 L1050313  L1050306 L1050294

OH and I were blown away with this overwhelming Shetland landscape.  The weather was revolting and I had to keep jumping back into the warm car to dry my camera lens and get the feeling back into my fingers.  We were wet and frozen.

BN2A4696 BN2A4694

I need to come back here.  It is a magical place.


Oh, and there is a gorilla!


4 thoughts on “Travelling Today

  1. Ruth

    You have some stunning shots Frances, shame the weather was so awful. Rona’s Voe looks lovely though despite the rain.

  2. Michelle

    I see the gorilla! What is a “vow”? I thought at the beginning that you were going to another town, but you showed no human structures other than the derelict herring place.

    1. Frances Post author

      World English Dictionary
      voe (vəʊ, Scottish vo)

      — n
      (in Orkney and Shetland) a small bay or narrow creek

      [C17: from Old Norse vagr ]

      1. Michelle

        Stupid auto-spell-check! I did type “v.o.e.” but it keeps correcting it to VOW! So why did you go to this little bay to “do some messages”? Something to do with your internet connection at home? (Sorry for being so snoopy!)


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