Jo, my business partner, took the dogs up the hill to check on the ladies in their park.  One was missing so off she went up to the top to find her.  Poor Velia was all by herself and barely able to walk.  One leg was bigger than the others.  So after an hour of cajoling, pushing and leading, Jo managed to get Velia down to the gate, go home and return with a horsebox.


Rather than take Velia on her own back to the stables, (none of our horses or ponies live alone, ever) Jo looked around for a magician’s assistant – Fivla happily volunteered.  She always does.  Nursing assistance was required and urgently.  Jo is on the Farrier Registry (thank you for your concern) and she had a prod about but nothing looked obvious apart from the fat and obviously painful leg.



I was sent to collect Animalintex (poultice stuff), antibiotics and painkillers.  Upon my arrival, the reason for the hopping had already made itself known.  Custard was pouring out of the top of Velia’s foot at the coronet band.


Today, Velia was sporting a rather fetching ruby slipper made of poultice and vetrap.


She apparently has gone from three feet to galloping and bucking so must be feeling much better.  The swelling has gone down massively and she appears much happier.  She has had daily poulticing.


Velia and Whiffy can stay in this park until all is back to the normal.  They share a stable at night – they are good friends.  There is no mud in this field – we use it for our hospital emergencies. Fresh air and grazing during the day is good for Velia.  She can potter about as she feels rather than trying to keep up with the herd in a 30 acre field, which can be very hard work.


Healing vibes for Velia please.  She is a dear girl and good patient.

4 thoughts on “Hopping

  1. Nicki

    Abscesses are a nightmare aren’t they (if that’s what it was), the relief when they’ve burst is tangible. Get well soon Velia 🙂 . lovin’ the ruby slipper 🙂 🙂

  2. Highmac

    Wasn’t Ruby Slipper the name of the dance group that replaced Pan’s People on Top of the Pops? Or was that Ruby Flipper?

    Hope Velia is soon trotting like a good ‘un.


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