I made a new friend

A day of weather.  The wind speed today has been “pretty strong” – that is my OH’s official interpretation (gusting 49 knots officially).  The winter gales are just going round and round Shetland for the next few days.  Most tiresome.

Anyway the sea has been spectacular and driving to Lerwick for a back massage proved very interesting for me.  The massages are helping my back hugely and I wish I had thought of this earlier to be honest.  I am back to walking miles and nearly off all my painkillers.  So forwards, forwards.  I push myself a little more each day to see what I can add to my comfort zone.


I had brought my proper camera with me.  Once in Lerwick, I tried to look for my eider duck pair but they weren’t about.  Probably put off by the state of the sea.


I went to see the Turnstones but they had vanished too.  I did find this gull.  Boring.


And then I noticed the neighbourhood crows were having a great time.

dBN2A4520 BN2A4524 BN2A4544BN2A4607

These guys scavenge anything lying around and there was one particular charismatic bird who caught my attention.  It is my dream to have a pet crow or raven.   They are very intelligent and, as a child, I was brought up with Joan Aiken and Quentin Blake’s Arabel and Mortimer.  Nevermore.


BN2A4576 BN2A4577 BN2A4578 BN2A4579 BN2A4581 BN2A4582 BN2A4585 BN2A4589 BN2A4590 BN2A4592 BN2A4597 BN2A4601

The seagulls looked on in disdain at his behaviour.  I took a few snaps so they didn’t feel left out but honestly, they are very dreary and hold no interest to me unless they prove to be a lesser brown thrippet I didn’t know about, which I somehow doubt.

BN2A4611 BN2A4642 BN2A4644 BN2A4648

The waves in Lerwick were nothing like what I had seen out west but I did my best.


and went home again.


(Sorry, boring post.  Must try harder)


4 thoughts on “I made a new friend

  1. Chris

    Your Hooded Crows are wonderful and so much more sociable than the Carrion Crow. Carrion Crows are generally not social and prefer to scavenge alone or in two’s or three’s. Like Rooks, Hooded Crows like to be in groups when scavenging. Am I boring you yet ? 😉
    Corvids are very intelligent birds.
    Love to see your ‘birdy’ photos btw.

  2. Carol

    “a pet crow” was something that I also wanted for a v. long time then one day I was given an injured jackdaw. We had him checked out and sadly he wasn’t going to be able to be returned to the wild so he lived out his days with us. Wonderful creature.


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