Training Days

Photo by Elisabeth Jansen of Hólar University College

We are attending a two day training session in Burra, another island in Shetland about 45 minutes away.  Our trainer is Elisabeth Jansen of Hólar University College, Sauðárkrókur, Iceland.

Daisy is having lessons on Taktur and Kappi on both days.  As well as riding, we are attending a lecture on Icelandic horse bio-mechanics after a Chinese takeaway!  I will write the blog properly tomorrow when I have looked at my photos.  This is a photo from yesterday afternoon when the weather was lovely.  Today has been not as nice.

More tomorrow, I promise with a possible overload of photos.  I left OH with Cattie and BeAnne is with us, having a bit of a break and enjoying the attention.  She is still not herself.



4 thoughts on “Training Days

  1. Linda

    Beautiful photos!
    I have faith BeAnn will come around. It takes time to adjust to change. Hopefully Cattie will help…in his own way.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    What a wonderful setting for an outdoor arena! Will look forward to more pictures. I hope you’re feeling better today, Frances.

  3. Sam

    Poor BeAnne – so much change for her. A bit of pampering by Mum is in order. Maybe a taste of the take-away?


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