The First Photos

We loaded up first thing Sunday morning, having fed everyone and done our chores.  Daisy had spent the prevoius day packing our van with everything but the kitchen sink for herself, Kappi and Taktur.

Lessons were already in progress when we arrived.

The weather was not helpful.  Foggy, cold, wet and windy but we are tough.

Because PolPot (today’s name for our ginormous cat/panther) was planning World Domination, we took BeAnne with us to duly enchant the spectators.

Upon our arrival, Daisy and Flossie led the horses to their new onsite accommodation.

Taktur happily moved into his stable and spent most of his day, when he was not in training, shouting to let every the Lady-Girls know he had arrived.

Kappi lifted his head briefly from his very own pile of silage when I said his name.  He probably thought I had brought more food – his main motivation.

Daisy’s first lesson was on Kappi.

BeAnne, and her followers, were watching avidly, taking it all in.

Photo by Jean Sinclair

Between horses, Baa-rry, the resident tame sheep showed off his show-jumping skills, which were very impressive.

Photo by Jean Sinclair

I am exhausted.  It has been a long two days but definitely worth it.  We learned so much.  More photos tomorrow when I have gone through my big camera’s memory cards.   I need to sleep for a week.

5 thoughts on “The First Photos

  1. Sam

    Sorry the House Panther has read Newt’s “Book of Revenge”. But BeAnne looked very happy with belly rubs and laps to sit on. The sheep jumping made me laugh. As did Kappi’s expectant face.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    You’re a hardy lot, up north!! It looked more like the middle of winter than halfway through spring. Were there any significant differences in the training methods from your usual training? It’s always interesting to learn from someone new.

  3. Terri

    BeAnne must have been in Seventh Heaven! (We all know she thrives on an adoring audience.) Nice trip, minus the weather. That sheep is too cute! (something to teach Lambie in the winter months?) Rest up!

  4. Louise Stopford

    You are always up to such exciting things and going here, there and everywhere. Glad you had a good couple of days. Looking forward to the rest of the photo’s when you’ve slept for a week!! Sounds like your new cat has got his paws under the table already. Looking forward to an update on him to.


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