While I have a rest

My back is not good today.  I woke up tired (I hate that) so I decided the best thing to do would be to have a rest this afternoon.

While I slept, Flossie went out in my stead to take photos of everyone enjoying the Spring sunshine. – a new weather phenomenon.   We had all been for a ride earlier in the morning, which had been lovely.

Here is Mr Bibble and his spectacular silly-frilly.

Floss went over to Clothie – the derelict house you can see behind Bibble which is situate in a 5 acre field.

Taktur generously greeted his new field guest.

And then she was spied by the others.

And was duly mugged.

These two maybe small but they are consummate in the art of mugging.

But in the nicest possible way.

(Taktur is a kind and patient baby-sitter)

Floss sat on one of the many rumbling drystone walls in the field,

Even Kappi came up for a chat.

So while I slept trying to regroup and get my back under control, Floss enjoyed the sunshine with her small, if slightly unusual, little herd.

There could be worse jobs in life.


5 thoughts on “While I have a rest

  1. diane in northern wis

    Aw such great pictures! Hope you have been resting up well. Floss has done a super job filling in for you today! Thanks so much!!!


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