Town Full

Floss and I drove to town this morning as we felt we deserved some lovely things after our strenuous fence building yesterday. I always like a good excuse.

It was a lovely sunny day and we strolled down Commercial Street enjoying the sights.  The place was brimming with people.

And this caught my attention – Jamieson’s Knitwear’s shop side-window.

And, look, look, my sheeple feature.  I am thrilled, so happy.  I have a cheesey grin on my face just seeing them again as I type this.

In fact the whole window was inspired.

More wanderings.

And here is one of the reasons for the crowds.

A mahoosive cruise-ship.

Apparently it was the AidaSol – 253 metres in length and 32 metres in width, a modified Sphinx class (and I have absolutely no idea what that means but there you go).  It can carry 2,174 passengers and they were all possibly in Commercial Street today.

5 thoughts on “Town Full

  1. Michelle

    Having never been in a cruise ship destination port, I can’t imagine depositing that many visitors all at once! I bet your sheeple sold out.

  2. diane in northern wis

    How fun to see your beautiful sheep looking out at you from the window! Looks like it was a fun trip to town!

  3. Christine

    I’m sure the big ships in port are good for the local economy, but I sure do think they’re a monstrosity!


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