Town and Country

Tuesday, so into town after our weekly flute lesson (or an annihilation of Mozart, if I am being truthful).

During our wanderings, we found this wonderful Valentine’s day window display at the Jamieson’s of Shetland shop.

Oh, wow.  Someone has made a huge effort.  It was clever and well thought out.

I loved it.

And today was a good day in town.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue and there was even a hint of Spring in the air.

We did our messages – the usual – basically food for people and feed for animals, plus a few odds and bobs for our travels.

Yes, our travels. A holiday!  Next week, Daisy and I are going to Norway.  I am very excited so we were getting some holiday stuff too.

Can’t wait.  Seriously I can’t wait.

Once done with the shopping thing, we drove home to the poor starving wee beasties!

Some get fed an evening snack and some don’t.  This lot get nothing after their huge breakfast.

The SSPCA ladies have a snack just because.

Daisy called in her two – they are stabled overnight and have endless food and silage but they are her responsibility.  Nothing to do with me.

There is a huge difference between our life in town (we wear clean(ish) clothes) and home (we change into clothes that don’t matter).

I bet we are not alone in this!

10 thoughts on “Town and Country

  1. Linda

    Brilliant work on the part of Jamieson’s for Valentine’s Day (says the knitting/yarn addict)!
    How absolutely thrilling to get to go to NORWAY! Can’t wait to see your photos!
    And yes, clean-ish clothes for running around town (not to big a bother if I can wear a coat), and the “old stuff” for hanging around home…

  2. Margaret Robinso

    Sounds like a lovely day – both in weather and what you wanted to do.

    As a side note – I’m sort of like you. We live in an area where people do dress to go outside their front door and I’m one of the few who wears jeans, a shirt with collar and a sweatshirt – all the time and they are always clean (except when I ride my horse and then I change clothes). I do dress up somewhat if going to lunch with husband/friends (or both), but we’re fairly casual on the Monterey Peninsula even when dressed up. You live in such a beautiful area and it’s fun to see the shops and restaurants. Everything is so different than here, but equally wonderful!!

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Is the Norway trip a ‘proper’ holiday or something to do with training Icelandic ponies? Whichever – I’ll also look forward to the pictures and I hope you have a fabulous time.

  4. Terri

    Oh, those top photos — they make me want to row across the pond! Being a “yarn curator” (ahem), I love Jamieson’s of Shetland/Shetland Wool Brokers. The SSPCA ladies are lookin’ real good! Will they leave before your trip to Norway? Have a wonderful time there (and, btw, it’s ok if you need to unplug for a week). Will you return with an Icelandic horse or two? Also, thanks for the (headless) photo of the sheepies, lol!

  5. Anne

    Hi Frances,

    just a comment from your Danish fan. I read your blog on a regular basis and it makes me dream of my visits to Shetland. Been there twice. Lost my heart 🙂 Lerwick is a charming town and Shetland in general.. sigh…. was there last time in August when the heather was blooming…sigh…

    I enjoy reading about the horses, sheep, dogs and now and again the cat. All animals seem to have special and wonderful personalities and sure know how to keep their owner busy.

    I read that you are off to Norway next week – have been there a zillion times and feel at home. Danes and Norwegians have a good relationship. Don’t forget to try ‘Seigmenn’ which is a type of candy. A seigman is a sugar coated jelly man and comes in different colours. Delicious! I have ‘executed’ quite a lot of them 🙂

    All the best,

  6. Roberta Earley

    Love the dressage… I wear men’s board shorts and my larger mums tops around the paddocks…during this week I hopped into the truck picked something up and realised OMG did not change top or shoes.then went what the heck……………..I might say I live down under….I am a mums philosophy is people don;t like how your dressed its their problem……

  7. Louise Stopford

    Norway – now that does sound exciting. Hope you and Daisy have a wonderful time and tell us all about it when you return. How long are you keeping the SSPCA ladies for btw? At home I definitely live in leggings and old jumpers as I am always on my hands and knees cleaning out my chickens. For work I have to change, to go out I have to change and as soon as I am home through the front door I change back into my dirty chicken keeping/garden clothes. (Much happier in my old dirty clothes doing my own thing!!).

  8. Nancy

    Soooo pretty! All that yarn and those creative ideas for displays!
    Thank you for sharing them with us!

    I hope you enjoy your vacation! Looking forward to seeing photos afterwards! =)


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