Still my Little Boy

Aww, this morning, I found my little boy having a little sit in the straw.

Tor was with him and he was very settled.

Albie let me sit down beside him like I used to when he was very little.

Albie and I have a special relationship and so I sat beside him in the straw.

These photos below are from August, last year – that was a very special day. I hope Albie never feels he is too grown up to sit with his “Mum”.

My darling little boy.  Albie (and Storm) – ok, my darling little boys.  They need me to hug them and tell them everything is ok.  Albie is very similar to Storm in that way.

On the other side of the paddock, Newt was on a mission.  His Eating Mission.  This morning he didn’t want to be loved and hugged.

Eating is a job he takes very seriously.

I adore Newt.  He doesn’t need me like Albie does.  He is much more self-contained and happy with himself and his life.  Albie worries and hates change.

This is Newt’s own personal box of silage and Newt will stand there and eat his way through it.

Whatever it takes.

They are funny little boys.  So very different but both darling little boys.  My little boys.

5 thoughts on “Still my Little Boy

  1. Sam

    It always amazing me how very different our animal family members can be. Love how comfy Albie was in his straw bed and glad Newt is self assured enough about his food.

  2. Linda

    How perfect that Newt was too “busy” to visit and you got that loving quiet time with Albie. Just sweet, sweet, sweet.


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