Meet and Greet

Today, we’ve had some visitors over for filming and photographing.

First up was Bergli Dreamwatcher – a standard Shetland pony colt yearling (2016 – so the same age as Albie and Newt).

We filmed Dreamwatcher in the school, walking and trotting around both in-hand and free-schooled.  Wow.  He can move.

Dreamwatcher is Waffle’s half brother.

Afterwards, Dreamwatcher was allowed to meet the lurkers, ie Gina and Gypsy.

At present, these two ladies are currently living around the house (outside, thank you very much).

Dreamwatcher was enchanting.

He took this new environment and the ladies totally in his stride.

I must say that I love Dreamwatcher’s hair-do – wonderful.

Bless him – Dreamwatcher just got on with his job without being diverted.

Then up, was Rum – a miniature Shetland pony stallion.

Now Rum’s job was to trot.

So, of course, he wouldn’t.  Eventually after expending all surplus energy by bucking his way around the school, he trotted round the school while we filmed and photographed.

Dear Rum.  He is a classy boy.

When Rum went outside, my lot watched, with interest, from the privacy of their field.

After the filming, Rum was permitted a short chat.

Well, everyone was up for that!

In fact, it was Albie who was most interested.

He thought Rum was fascinating.

I wonder if Albie thinks that one day he will be like Rum.

Meanwhile, Newt didn’t give Rum a second thought!

I hardly dare mention that come the Spring and once we return from Norway, certain bits are coming off.

Say nothing!

10 thoughts on “Meet and Greet

  1. Sam

    Were you filming as a promotional package for Bjorn? Love Rum’s back kick. And how Newt only has eyes for the silage pile.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    “Dreamwatcher” – what a beautiful name! Beautiful ponies but somehow not as gorgeous as Newt and Albie!!

  3. Linda

    These little guys are SO CUTE – I just want to hug them!
    Looks like Rum was returning Albie’s interest with a….kiss?

  4. Carina

    Oh, I love the little black stallion. He looks so spirited and all that gorgeous hair! Albie could do worse for a rolemodel I must say. He is in great shape too. Your little ones are lovely, that goes without saying, I could watch them all day, but is he maybe, like a little differently built? Not so circly? Longer legs? I don´t know. It´s something 😉 How do you keep them in such good form? I would so like one but I can´t begin to imagine how to exercise them properly. Am not so blessed with endless lands as you are =)


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