Today’s Show and Tell

In today’s Show and Tell, I have brought a swan!

It was all by his (or her)-self in the Stanevatstoe Loch (yes, I had to look that one up!).

A thorough internet search says, I think (and I am quite prepared to be corrected), that this is a Whooper Swan rather than the Bewick’s Swan.

Whooper swans are bigger than their nearly identical counterpart, the Bewick, and they have a good honk on them too. They are visitors from Iceland and are a protected species.  Many years ago, while I was driving the girls to school along this very road, a pair of swans flew alongside the car. It was a magical moment.  We all remember it.

This swan was very peaceful, mooching about, looking for food, I think.

There was a lot of this!

There is something, like hares, about swans. I could watch them all day too.

As they have a bit of a reputation with the breaking-a-man’s-arm thing, which does scare me, I would not even try to get close up.

Thankfully I have a good long lens and the car made a perfect hide.

And just to prove that I have horses, here is Dreki….

His Dad, Taktur (looking a bit tufty)….

And Efstur looking a bit, well just a bit really!

A good day.

5 thoughts on “Today’s Show and Tell

  1. Sam

    What I have in the tidal marsh in the backyard is a flock of Canada Geese mooning me as they dip down to eat. Rather your swan and Gentlemen than the geese bums.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Oh I love swans…..this one is a real beauty! Thank you for the pictures.
    I do love those horse pics at the end of the blog too. Dreki is beautiful…Taktur looking a bit
    floofy and Efstur so nice. Awesome.


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