Mountain Hare

Every day I drive over to see Brá and Hetja (my 2 retired Icelandic mares). It’s a nice drive.  One that I am very used to so no hardship.

Recently, I have spied this little chap sitting quietly a little away from the road.  Most days, he’s there.  Easy to spot.

I drove past and I thought today I would have a go at getting closer.

Mountain Hares are timid beasts – Lepus timidus – it seems a very apt name.

I left the car out of sight, and taking my camera, decided to clamber as quietly as I could around and over the peat-hags.  Every foot step sounded like giants arriving.

I got closer and closer and still he sat.

I was lying on the peat hag by now ….. (this is the closest I have ever been)

…. and he knew I was there.

My luck ran out after I had taken some photos (more luck than judgement) and off he went to sit and think about who or what he had seen.

Nope, he was having none of this.  He was off.

I watched him go wishing he had stayed longer but admiring his wonderful speed and agility.

And that was the last I saw of him today.  I hope he will be there tomorrow. I wonder if I could tame him. I wonder if he would be my friend……… I could love him and hug him and call him George or Georgina if he is a she – I don’t know.

20 thoughts on “Mountain Hare

  1. Cathy

    Stunning photos, and he is beautiful. Hares are magical creatures, but don’t forget your quotation from St Exupery. Part of the magic is him letting you into his world even for a brief moment.

  2. Mary Colleen McNamara

    we leave out carrots and lettuce for our feral cottontail rabbits and SW hares. Not that you need something else to feed 😉 but he/she might appreciate a treat once in a while. OOPS I forgot the equines might not be willing to share their carrots , or course what they don’t know won’t matter ???

  3. diane in northern wis

    What a cute rabbit. You must be a Hare Whisperer! I like how you love all the animals. He would fit right in with your gang at home, fighting over comfy beds! You don’t happen to be related to Saint Francis, now do you Frances? 🙂

  4. Val

    Brilliant photos, brilliant photographer. You are giving me great escapes from covid “house arrest.”
    Big thank you for starting my every day on a positive note.

  5. Susan A Brittingham

    I truly laughed out loud at your reference to “Love him and hug him and call him George or Georgiana”! The was one of my favorite cartoon’s back in the day – so Thank you, I needed that 🙂
    Also, thank you for your daily run-down, they are Blessing to me here in the ol’US of A, we’ve been a bit of a bore as of late, I wont even turn the TV on, so here I come (like your bunny) to hang out and enjoy the day.
    Longing for a visit, here in Michigan


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