The Boyzens in Action

This time of year especially, the Boyzens have a-hankering to go and mingle in the hill.  The rams are out and I think my lot want to hang out with the men.  So, at any opportunity, they escape and probably go to the Pub.

Luckily the Girlzens are very happy to stay at home, never leave and eat their hay-nets because they know there is no breakfast or snack biccies in the hill.  There is NOTHING! Nobody cares about you in the hill.

When I came home, after checking everyone outwith my croft, I found the three Boyzsens waiting for my return so they could come back home.  They looked a bit sheepish (sorry not)!

I called – they came running.

This is Lambie muttering to himself.

‘Ster had a good jump on him.  Very like a Victorian hunting print!

While ‘Bert diligently did the bare minimum to get over the ditch – I have horses not dissimilar.

Meanwhile, Lambie gave it his all – his little stripey leggies were a blur.  Such a star.  Today the ditch, tomorrow Horse (Sheep) of the Year Show!

I can hear it now – “and that’s a clear round for Lambie; what a little woolly jumper!” (see what I did there, geddit?)

I’ll get my coat.

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