Today’s Shenanigans

Jack rallied.  I am so pleased and relieved.  His little wagger (tail) has started to work again and he is much happier in himself, so we have given him a reprieve for the time being.  OH and I are very aware of Jack’s signs of going downhill and we will just go along day by day and see.  The clock is ticking, we are not fooling ourselves.


After two biopsies for me this morning, I am feeling rather sensitive so I thought I would blast out the NHS cobwebs and go for a ride.  I caught Haakon and discovered that he had lost a new-to-him front shoe, but I tacked him up anyway as it was a short ride, got on and found he was lame as well as very uneven.   Jo and Fiona went off on Taktur and Iacs anyway without me.  My own fault – I only wanted to ride Haakon today.


While they were out, I took some photos to keep myself amused.

BN2A0564 BN2A0555 BN2A0620 BN2A0622

Once back, we gave Taktur his grub, had lunch ourselves and I set off to Sandness where the other Icelandic horses are.

My dear friend, Klængur, wanted a chat and it was lovely to see him.


Esja is growing up – she is at the gawky giraffe stage but you can see her personality shining through and get an impression of the type of person (ok, horse) that she is.  Another treasure.


Hetja is coming along leaps and bounds with Jo riding her regularly.  Hopefully, she will be running with Taktur this summer and I am very excited about that.


Oh yes, the bebbies are fine.  I will write more about them soon.



They are little sweeties!


6 thoughts on “Today’s Shenanigans

  1. Sam

    So glad Jack had a rally! At least you have the beginnings of spring across the pond. We will have yet more snow and freezing temps tonight and tomorrow…so very tired of winter.

  2. Cate

    So glad Jack has rallied. He reminds me so much of a wee Scottie-cross I had many years ago—what a thirst for life he had, a right little fighter, completely irrepressible. 😀


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