24 hours for Jack

Jack, Jack, Jack.

What to do with Jack.  This morning he changed.  He was not himself and couldn’t settle.  Obviously ancient, he sleeps all day.

I returned from my weekly flute lesson having decided to make The Decision.  I fed the horses and while Taktur was mucking around with his food, I put Jack on his lead, fitted his manly coat and off we went for the daily walk.

It didn’t take long for me to see Jack was not happy.  He was existing and not enjoying life.  That is not what I want for him.  Time to call it a day.  So, having discussed it with my OH, I phoned the vet and booked him in at “the back of 4” (10 minutes past four, give or take – Shetland-speak).

Then my OH was talking to Jack and found smelly goo coming out of his neck.  Upon investigation there, unbeknownst to us, was a revolting abscess.  I cut the fur back, washed the wound in dilute iodine, had a good squeeze and phoned the vet to put off the putting to sleep.

A slug of Rescue Remedy all round, plus a large dose of antibiotics I just happened to have and Jack seemed settled and happier.

OH then found two more holes – how had we missed these?  We investigated and decided that this needed to all be looked at by the vet.  Jack’s neck was solid, swollen with pus/blood and obviously painful.

So, I phoned the vet back (3rd time) and explained that we wanted our original appointment back and would be coming in with Jack now with his abscess.  I explained what treatment we had given to date and OH went off with Jack in the car.  I did give him the dreaded option if necessary.  My priority is Jack lives and enjoys life for Jack and not for us.

I spent the next hour watching the front door.  They came back.  Jack was shaved and the vet had pretty much done what we had.


Jack is still not himself – so blind, so deaf and still existing.


I am not sure we have done the right thing.  I will give him 24 hours.  If there is no improvement in his head, i.e. he starts to enjoy life again, then we will think again and go back to Plan A.


Healing vibes please for my little Jack(et Potato) though I will admit I think I am kidding myself.

14 thoughts on “24 hours for Jack

  1. bigears

    he must be feeling really poorly with all that poison, so give him a bit of time for the antibiotics to kick in. poor jack, hope he picks up a bit!

  2. lesley cafferky

    You have done the right thing by him. Just give him time,a young dog would have been feeling under the weather with all that pain… Fingers crossed for your peerie doggie xx

  3. Jen Breese

    Good thoughts for Jack, as well as you and OH. These are hard decisions to make and I’m sure you will make the right one. I hope Jack feels better quickly!

  4. Dee

    It’s so sad when they lose their smile, but you will know for sure either way soon enough. I don’t know if you remember Flurry, our Jack we got in England. He was 16 when we finally let him go; seemingly overnight he let us know.
    How do you suppose he got bitten ? A tussle with Loki ?

  5. Laura Friedlander

    It really is the hardest of decisions, I know. But if you do have to make that decision you will know what to do when the time is right for Jack and you will have time to say a proper goodbye. I am thinking of you all and sending hugs and healing. God bless.

  6. Deb Twomey

    Such a hard decision ALWAYS. You will do why you need to because you love him NOT because you don’t want to take care of him

  7. roberta

    know the feeling, we had to do it on the 1st of this month, Amy our dachie’s tumour finally caught up with her.
    But Jack lots of healling rays, so keep yer spirits up wee man

  8. Sam

    Sending loving wishes for a recovery to Jack from the USA. But you will know when Jack has had enough. It is painfully hard but the best gift we can give our furry friends is a peaceful and painless end.


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