I haven’t ridden Klængur (pronounced Klang-gurr) for ages, many months even.


Haakon (pronounced Haw-Kn) is lame having lost his shoe and I  wanted to go out for a ride to clear my brain.  Jo rode Hetja (pronounced Hett-ya) who was an angel, as always.  


I rode my ginger boy who tried his best but managed to spook at a rogue daffodil, potential trolls who lived behind a house and a man doing his garden.  Klængur’s overactive imagination worked overtime but he wasn’t scary.  I stuck on and he was listening by the end (and puffing) while I came home with a smile on my face.   Mission accomplished.  The best therapy.


Meanwhile, the bebbies were galloping about their park like ants on a hot plate.  It was lovely to watch them bouncing and chasing each other in the sunshine.  They interact with each other now and it usually results in a cheeky opinion or three.

BN2A0671 BN2A0675  BN2A0706 BN2A0715 BN2A0744 BN2A0752 BN2A0756 BN2A0759  BN2A0777

When we came back from our ride, we gave them their afternoon food. I think they had earned it with all their galloping about earlier.


6 thoughts on “Action

  1. Jen Breese

    Klængur is adorable. I love his redness. It is great to see the bebbies play. I don’t know much about Shetland ponies. Are they good examples of the breed?

  2. Linda Loba

    Just look at those bebbies! They have come so far from the sad little guys when they were first rescued. What love (and care) can do!

  3. Diana

    So happy to see those babies gallivanting around in excellent recovery mode. Amazing after all they’ve been through. Thankyou Frances, Jo and crew.

  4. Linda

    Love the wee amigos! They really seem to belong to each other. I’m glad they do have each other and you folks to keep watch over them…


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