To the Hill

Daisy and I took to the hill today to “do feet”.

The view was wonderful.  The feet less so.

First up was Vitamin who stood like a rock while Daisy worked her magic.  This time I was on rope duty as the last time we did the MInion’s feet, I ended up in A&E with a very sore back shouting at me.

And then there was the “help”.  Storm spent a good 15 minutes frisking me like a security guard at the airport when the machine goes off!

I even had to get cross a few times as he had brought reinforcements. Newt.

So then they proceeded to annoy each other, which was fine.

Better Newt than me.

Scruffy little Herberts. It was windy too up there on the side of the hill.

Silver was a good boy, ie he stayed far away and just watched the whole procedure. My kind of pony.

Storm was next and then Albie.  Three ponies is our maximum on the feet front.

While I was catching Albie, Daisy was being “appreciated” by Newt.

Albie is very fat so hopefully the terrible weather arriving will start to shed the pounds (more like tons though, to be honest).  I am trying not to worry about him too. There is not enough room in my head now.

And yes, guess who turned up?  Storm.  Predictable and irritating.

Meanwhile, in other news, Pepper now can only eat out of the same bowl as Monster (sainthood Patent Pending). Even though Monster barely talks to me (he loves OH and Daisy only), I love him more than words because of this.

2 thoughts on “To the Hill

  1. diane in northern wis

    Good grief….aren’t animals the strangest. That sharing of the food bowl by Pepper….is the latest thing huh? Monster hasn’t bitten her yet? Yes he is headed to sainthood! You guys do good work on those minion feet. Glad you’re careful so you don’t hurt your back again.


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